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Where’s your hat M’am?

Thank you Kate Middleton!

I spent my day yesterday in the company of hundreds of women – a few friends but mostly unknown. And we wore hats. Beautiful, extravagant, plopped to the side of carefully styled hair. We were gorgeous! So thank you Kate for reminding us just how fabulous these fashion-morsels can be.

Women, it seems, need to remind themselves of their extravagance, their passion and their creativity and nothing gets us going as much a theme and invitation to dress-up. And so you should. When the invite says “Mad Hatter’s High Tea” – go for it! Reinvent yourself.

Don’t be tempted to hide yourself in a costume though. Just remind yourself that despite the pinstripes and neutrals in your cupboard (which are sensible & necessary), we are still women – passionate & intense.

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