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A piece of my heart.

Today’s cuppa is a slightly bitter roast – dark, with no sugar. Bold, strong and not really the brew I wanted to drink but it is my cup.

My heart is broken and sore and it has been shaped to accept a new reality that isn’t at all how I pictured my life to be. My father passed away (rather unexpectedly) on the 25th of August 2011. This was not supposed to happen (according to me) – it is too soon, he was too young and we still had so much to do, say and share.

As I sat thinking about my dad and all that has happened recently I realized that we HAVE said a lot – millions of “I love you’s”, thousands of compliments and many smiles. We have DONE. We have travelled, we have walked along the seashore talking about life and our dreams, we have planned gardens and dreamed about all that is to come. We have SHARED. I am blessed with a lifetime of memories. I have pictures to remind me that he was there on my birthdays, planning my wedding, holding my newborn for the first time, for Christmas and Father’s Day celebrations.

Every daughter needs a father to teach her about life and love and mine taught me well. He taught me that life is not meant to be average or plain. It is supposed to be extraordinary. We are meant to dream big and pull out all the stops. To paint with bright colours, to plant luscious gardens and to bake with double-cream and full-fat milk.

My heart needs to adjust to the loss of a significant person. I miss him now and expect that I will forever, but I a thankfully recollect and remember and build today and tomorrow.

My challenge to you? Pursue your loved ones with determination and persistent love. Make time for the memories.  Let’s be thankful for the time shared with them and the many memories we have created together.

With love.

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

Dr. Seuss

Hurt with your head held high

It is inevitable in this life that we will in some form or guise experience hurt. We will face disappointment and we will probably have to stare down loss, tragedy and loneliness. A woman’s heart, though fragile and beautiful, is also resilient and courageous. When hurt is coursing through your veins, remember that you have the ability to speak life, forgiveness and love into every situation. Remember that your heart is strong enough to stand its ground. You have the inner strength to lift your loved ones up.

Speak carefully and use pearls of love and upliftment. I don’t pressume to know your context or circumstances but I do know that you can do it. We (women) are intricately and purposefully made. We are called to love, nurture and care. You were given your heart for a reason.

Don’t be afraid to reach out. Connect with someone. Share your true hurt – let them see you. Our strength lies in our relationships. Our networks.

And remember that strength does not equate to silence and stoicism. Be the rock, the rose, the diamond – don’t hide in your own heart.

Don’t give up hold your head high and remember to create opportunities for love EVERY DAY.

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