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On friendship

On friendship

Everyone of us wants to both have good and great friends and I am sure that you, like me, want to be a great friend. Every friend is a blessing in their own right as they encourage, support, comfort, tolerate and council us. I have been blessed with a variety of friends – some ranging from acquintances through casual & close friends to those special few that are my “soul-sisters”. They are the ones that stick it out in the toughest of circumstances. They are the ones that listen to my heart and probably most importantly, they are the ones that offer honest, sincere advice and comfort.

In our friendships – especially the close, intimate ones – we should make it our priority to be:

  1. Honest. Surely we don’t always WANT to hear the truth but who better to hear it from than a friend that loves you and has your best interests at heart? In a world filled with polite lies, kind untruths and superficial chit-chat I am desperate for soul-sisters who will speak into my life with authority and love.
  2. Available. Crisis can be any number of things for different people. Whatever the need, I want to be available when the call comes through. In times of need we have an exciting and important opportunity to offer council, advice and encouragement to our friends. During times of fighting and anger we can encourage and support their marriages. When there is conflict and frustration we can encourage, comfort and affirm our friends in their role as parents. When faced with difficult decisions, we are called to be the patient ear that listens and guides. I don’t presume to be all-wise and -knowing BUT it is exceptionally important to me that each of recognize and step into our role as a confidante. Each of us can make a difference, if only we would be more willing to step and act with integrity and boldness as Jesus inspires us.
  3. Encouraging. We are each called to relate to our “sisters” in a deep and meaningful way. I don’t know about you but I DESPERATELY want deeper relationships. REAL relationships. I WANT friends who will challenge me to spend time seeking Jesus. I WANT friends who will pray WITH and FOR me. I WANT friends who will gently nudge when I am hestitant to step where God is calling me. I WANT friends who will believe that I can always be greater and better than I already am.

And I WANT to be that friend to some. I want to be more than superficial coffee-house chats. I want to offer more than thin smiles and empty words. I want to promise my best and I want to DELIVER.

There are “friends” who destroy each other,
but a real friend sticks closer than a brother. (Proverbs 18:24 NLT)

Thank you, friend, for sharing my cuppa with me today.

Proud, tough, confident women

Ladies. Sometimes I need to take a step back, observe & reflect in order to understand which course-of-conversation to follow. So here it is! But before we get started, grab your favourite mug or jug, use fresh beans (be extravagant and use the flavoured ones) and make yourself a special “me time” cuppa. Now we’re ready.

Coffee, friends and especially women are some of my favourite things. Simply because they each have so much to offer. In a wash-worn cup a dark brew can house international flavours or aromas. Friendships appear to be made up of laughs, jokes and fun but you surely know (and agree) that below the surface (of a true!) friendship, there is a mortar formed of understanding, support and storm-withstanding-love. And woman. Dresses, make-up and emotions at first glance BUT there is so much more. Strength. Passion. Heart. Love. There is so much to offer.

So why do we sell ourselves so short? Why do we insist on clinging to those we love instead of believing that we are worthy of their love and respect simply because of who we are? Why do we analyse every conversation and deed until we find the fault instead of believing that good deeds, friends and opportunities are available to each of us? Why are we so afraid of ourselves? Our inner voice?

Please forgive me, if you are a woman who is sure of yourself, know your own worth and can comfortably allow your loved ones space to realise their own potential and dreams – then obviously I am not talking to you. But perhaps each of us, as we find our own inner voice of confidence and worth should mentor and guide women around us who still hesitate. Perhaps our confidence will encourage their own.

Let’s redefine our thoughts. Let’s not be afraid to say “I really am worth it”. Let’s not be afraid to just believe that if you sow into a friendship, the love and goodness will be returned because I am worth fighting for. Let’s not stop believing that our spouses / partners / loved ones will not run from BUT RATHER to us because we are worth fighting for.

Let’s not forget that nobody has to define your worth, other than you.


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