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My choice of coffee for today is freeze-dried, dark roasted, half-a-spoon of sugar and only one glug of full-cream milk. You?

What is it about being a woman that inspires me so? Simply put I believe it is because we each have a deep, passionate power within that compels YET we choose to undersell, understate and under-promote ourselves constantly. We are plagued by self-criticism and questions. We subject ourselves to ceaseless internal interrogations. We are quick to read the books & magazines and over-analyse ourselves. We are unsure of our worth & we have become complacent about the power we possess.

Whether you are a mother, a career-professional, a home-maker or business owner, single or married, STOP over-analysing, over-criticising and judging yourself. Sit back and look at what you have accomplished in your life. Look at the people who thrive because you support and encourage them. Take stock of the daily “to-do” lists you tick as completed. Relish in the minor AND major victories you have achieved at work and in your career. Realise that you play a significant part in most of the relationships in your life. In other words, look at yourself and really see all that is to be seen.

We are (in all probability) very diverse women. Our pasts and futures will take us on different journeys and our experiences will be painfully unique. But I do believe this – we are designed to be powerful women designed to have an impact, each in our own right.

So, just for today and the rest of this week EMBRACE yourself. Take stock of who you are and where you are. My suggestion is to use a journal for this exercise – so make another cuppa, grab some me-time and have a heart-to-heart with, uhm, your heart :)

See you tomorrow for another cuppa!

Peaceful Wife

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