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Many books have been written about how women approach life. I recently attended a conference hosted by International Marriage Speaker and author of “Laugh your Way to a Better Marriage” – Mark Gungor. Apart from the valuable tips offered on bettering your marriage, I fell in love with his description of the he- and she-brains.

Men (and I take no credit for this!) apparently need to focus on one activity at a time and they group them in “boxes”. One therefore deals with sport in the sport box and children in the children box. Children don’t belong in the sport box – simple right? These boxes are alson not inter-connected. They do not reference each other and they do not interfere with each other. (Please accept my loose account of Mark’s theory. For more (or more accurate!) information please refer to his website)

Women, on the other hand have a host of boxes with similar titles – work, kids, house, friends, neighbours etc. The difference appears to be that our boxes are inter-connected, intertwined and inseparable. We cross-reference and recollect and draw conclusions. And we never stop. Men at least occasionally take a breather from their own thoughts. We just don’t. Phew.

There are kids, business / work, your home, your marriage or relationship, your friends (and these of course vary in intensity and degrees of involvement!) and an exhaustive list. I believe we are simply wired this way and I personally love the buzz of it.

I do however realise that we need to implement a self-imposed ruling or restoration, recuperation and resuscitation (r-r-r). We need space and time to breathe life into our spirits, to reignite passions and to get ready for what ever it is that is next on the agenda.

How do you r-r-r? I have taken up art-class. I draw. I get lost in pastel dust and pencil lines. I find that despite my feminine wiring (which drives me to go go go) I switch of for two hours a week and it is absolute bliss. Have you found your sanctuary yet?

My challange: find your r-r-r space. Try a new hobby. Scrapbooking, cooking, painting….. Take your pick my friend!

Oh and of course, have a cuppa joe – who ever said that life’s pleasures should be enjoyed in single doses only ;)

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