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Women’s World Day of Prayer

Our prayers can change the world

Our prayers are an amazing opportunity to sit in the presence of our Father and bring our heart’s concerns to Him. See again Jeremiah 17:7 from yesterday’s reading.

Today I want to challenge you to start preparing for one day of global prayer – by women like you and I – who are committed to making a difference to the injustices and oppression faced by so many women, men and children around the world. Imagine just how powerful a day of prayer is – for one entire day the globe will be encircled and blanketed by the prayers of women from 160 countries worldwide that are praying toward the same goal.

What is the WWDP?

What is the Women’s World Day of Prayer? WWDP is a worldwide ecumenical movement of Christian women in more than 160 countries, who come together to observe a common day of prayer on the first Friday in March every year. WORLD DAY OF PRAYER brings together women of various races, cultures and churches in fellowship and understanding. You can read more on their site.

2 March 2012

For the 2012 WWDP the Christian women of Malaysia have prepared the theme for this year’s day of prayer as “Let Justice Prevail“.

Although Malaysia’s multi-ethnicity has added to the rich heritage of its land and people, it has also given rise to many problems and challenges. Justice for
all is the hope and prayer of the people. “Let Justice Prevail”.

Our challenge

I hope that you will seriously consider the task of starting preparations to join in the day of prayer.

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” Col 3:23 NLT

God bless!


Powerful women are prepared – Part 3 (Time Management)

Manage and time in the same sentence – on a Monday no less! – often leaves me confused and exhausted with just the thought of it. But we can work towards steering our time more efficiently. So, boil the kettle, take out the dark roast freeze-dried granules, add just enough sugar and stir in some milk. Now, let’s break it down.

Time, for women, is an especially sensitive issue. We have to fill 24hours with kids, work, partners, friends, colleagues and and and. There is housework and laundry to be done, lunchboxes to pack and dinner to prepare. Even if you are privileged enough to have a domestic worker, you still need to shop, organise, manage and smile lovingly at your nearest and dearest over dinner. Then of course time also implies sagging, aging and a host of other natural body transformations that we have to combat on a dialy basis :)

Let’s deal with one for now. Managing our time more effectively.

Time Management Tips

  1. If you are part of a family and you are assisting with getting where the need to be, it is only fair to assume that you cannot do everything by yourself. Involve the kids with simple activities in and around the house that will help you to get your tasks done. Even toddlers can with a little creativity be kept productively busy in this manner.
  2. Look at your day / week ahead of time and take a couple of minutes to prioritise. Instead of trying to do everything at once or doing things as the fancy hits, plan ahead. Do the essential, most important things first and work from there. As you complete activities you will probably add to your own sense of satisfaction and we all know that positive begets positive!
  3. Realise that your vocabulary may include both “Yes” and “No”! Be realistic about how much time you have available and rather say “no” than offering up a half-baked job in the end. Driving yourself to distraction because you are trying to please everyone around you is a sure fire way to head for burnout and unhappiness.
  4. Unplug and disconnect. Technology has the ability to be such an enabler but it could just as easily be a serious distraction. When you are trying to text while talking to your children, e-mailing at the dinner table or updating your social media status during ‘family time’ – you are facing the distraction end of the spectrum. You are letting your technology manage you! Don’t let this happen. Make a point of engaging with your family during dinner. Talk to the kids in the car. Switch of your phone during ‘family time’. Decide on a ‘technology cut-off’ for every day – a time when you put the phone and laptop aside to make space for the real people in your life.
  5. My favorite (but also the first to be cast asunder when things get hectic!) – Make time for yourself. You are probably acutely aware of what brings joy and happiness into your life. We should each create an opportunity for an activity that promotes our soul’s well being, recharges our batteries, encourages and uplifts us. At least once a week. I try to think of it this way, if I take care of myself I will be around longer to take care of my loved ones. So, whether it is a book or a cup of coffee, a friend or a movie – treat yourself this week! And of course next week and then the week after that…

Unfortunately, we cannot put more hours into the day but we can work with what we’ve got and we can make it count!


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