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Ooohhh la la!

Getting your date GROOVE on

Heart drawn in sand.

I (heart) you!


“My lover is mine, and I am his.” Song of Solomon 2:16a NLT

Ladies, women, wives – lets not underestimate the power and necessity of keep the fires in our marriages burning. Make an honest effort this week to create a romantic escape for you and your partner. You don’t need to make it a “week-end getaway”, or spend loads of money on a “date-night”. It is important that we find (and create) opportunities for romance in our everyday lives. Try these tips to incorporate more 00h-la-la in your oh-so-ordinary:

  1. Set aside time. Communicate with your husband and agree on a time that would suit you both.
  2. Take care of the children. If you are lucky enough to have a support system in place (grannies or friends) that allows you to arrange sleep-overs, make the arrangements. If not;  move up bedtime with a couple of minutes, make sure meal- and bath time is taken care of quickly and start your time together once the kids are settled.
  3. Make an effort. Touch up your make-up, put on something that makes you feel good and will catch his eye (even if you are staying in), spritz some perfume and relax! Remember how easy dating used to be?

If you are uncertain or need something new to put some spunk into the rest of the evening, here is an absolute GEM I  stumbled across.  It is called The Great Date Experience.


Most of us want to spend time with our spouse, but most of us don’t spend time with our spouse. When we do get time together, a lot of us experience the classic, “What do you want to do? I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

In 2009, MarriedLife rolled out 6 Great Dates in the Great Date Experiment. Well, the experiment worked! So in 2010, we brought you the all-new Great Date Experience! If you missed one, click on the year and download an experience you won’t forget…oh yeah!

Copied from MarriedlifeOnline.

Getting some Oooh Laa La going

The concept appealed to me straight away. I am sometimes stuck in my marriage because I am desperate for fun, new ideas and great opportunities to connect without repeating same-old-stuff. It is also a dangerous (even scary) thought to trawl the internet looking for ideas. This, however, was a breath of fresh air.

Since I only stumbled upon it now, we started with the 2009 series, the first of which is entitled “Nurture Romance“. The results, well, speak for themselves :) You can click here to visit the MarriedLifeOnline page, scroll down to 2009 and start dating your hubby again for some real ooh-laa-la!

Thanks for sharing my Cuppa.

Feel free to leave you comments or own ideas on romance for us to read.


Coffee Date Talk (From iMOM)

In the spirit of engagement and conversation, here is a wonderful little conversation starter from iMom.

Coffee date talk

So go make your Cuppa and invite your man for chat!

Have fun!

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