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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!!


Lord, thank You for an opportunity to celebrate the men and fathers in our lives.Lord, thank You for every father that is present and committed to leading his family and his children. Thank You for fathers who are willing to encourage their children with love. Thank You Lord, for men who are rooted and established in You!

Father, please raise up a generation of strong leaders, men who will stand with authority. Lord, please give the fathers and men wisdom so that they will lead with Spirit-directed intent and conviction. Lord, please turn their eyes to You as they respond to their calling in You – today and every day.


Blessing our fathers

We are counting the sleeps…

It is 6 sleeps until Father’s Day. Many people I know rebel against the idea that we should isolate one day to celebrate the father’s in our lives. In some respects I agree: we shouldn’t disregard these valuable men only to celebrate them once every 365 days. We should however make an effort to honour and celebrate them as often as we can. And for me and my family that includes taking this day and dedicating it to the dad in our home.

Father’s Day is just around the corner – are you ready??

In the Bible

“Your wife will be like a fruitful grapevine,
flourishing within your home.
Your children will be like vigorous young olive trees
as they sit around your table.” Ps 128:3 (NLT)

A man who fears (and reveres) the Lord will be blessed and all will be well with him (says the Psalmist as he leads into this Psalm). The blessings of living a life in awe of the Lord, committed to do His bidding and will, is that:

  1. His wife will be a fruitful vine unlike the fruitless wife who never stays home in Prov 7:11. She will flourish within the home that he creates – she will bring all the best of her feminine qualities and add beauty, love and respect to their home!
  2. His children will be vigorous olive trees. Olive trees are known as long-living, vigorous plants who grow productively and bring staples to the table.
  3. His family will gather around his table. Family meals will become joyous celebrations. Regular meals become opportunities to take joy in simple domestic bliss and abundance.

Now it is our turn

Lets stand up and celebrate the men in our lives. This coming Sunday is an opportunity to acknowledge the fathers in your life. Whether it is your own father or the father of your children, take time to celebrate:

  • His leadership. Let him know that you see how he leads your family. Thank him for his wisdom and careful planning that protects your family.
  • His capabilities. Even if you think you say it often, thank him for all the little ways in which he helps out and makes your life easier. List specific examples and thank him for each one.
  • His character. Use notes, cards or conversations to tell him specifically what you value about him.

Where possible, get your kids to participate in acknowledging their father. Get them to pray for him (out loud, and in his presence) and to thank the Lord for the blessing of your husband, father and / or their dad. Add their own thoughts to your list as you make time to remind your man of what makes him great. Bless him with compliments, prayer and extra time dedicated just to him!

Father’s Day should be just that. A day that we use to celebrate, talk about and dedicate to our fathers. The men in our lives need our respect, love and affirmation to refuel as the leaders of our homes and hearts. We are challenging the husbands and fathers in our lives to do more, be more and give more. We are asking them to step into the role that God has designed for them just as we are stepping into ours. But remember…

If we are expecting them to lead, guide, protect, nurture and pursue us and our children it is essential that we acknowledge them for their unique God-directed role in our lives. Your opinion matters greatly to him, take time to let him know.

Thanks for sharing my Cuppa & happy planning for this week – let’s make some extra special memories.


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