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I am in love and I LOVE being in love. I am desperately in love with Jesus and He has blessed me with an opportunity to love, marry and surrender to my SAMM (South African Manly Man). We have also been blessed with the arrival of our SuperStar – the bright-blue-eyed blonde daughter that fills my heart with gratitude and smiles and butterflies. All in all life is good. But I wanted (and still do!) more!

I wanted to be married to a man that would speak my love language and adore me. I wanted to love deeply & passionately rather than superficially from argument to argument. I wanted to inspire my daughter to demand the best because she’d be confident about offering her best when the time was right. But most of all, I didn’t want to be like so many of our closest friends – struggling. I didn’t want to see our marriage deteriorate while we were still celebrating our single-digit anniversaries. I didn’t want to doubt or question my SAMM’s intentions or commitment. And I NEVER wanted to wonder whether our love had an expiration date to it.

So I started reading, researching, praying and committed to making difficult changes. Sometimes I am more successful than other times and the results are astounding! I see a strong leader, devoted father and passionate pursuer in my husband. Don’t get me wrong, women aren’t responsible for all that goes wrong in a marriage BUT we can only ever hope to change the parts we play and the impact we have.

My heart is committed to a marriage that is rooted in Christ, that honours both God and my husband and inspires my daughter. I want to encourage my friends (old and new) as we connect and invest in our marriages. I have a heart to see more women surrender to their husbands and to see the beauty of what God can do in our relationships as we hand over the controls to Him.

I believe that it is particularly necessary today in this day and age, that women embrace the full extent of themselves in their roles as wives, mothers and women.  So my suggestion is this – make yourself a cuppa of your favourite, sit down and explore with me. Let’s challenge and inspire each other.

We will chat about some of my favourite things – coffee, marriage, friends, (sometimes even business) & children – and hopefully some of your favourites as well.  I will make every effort to be frank and relevant and hope to add value with concrete tips to empower and enrich your day.

So let’s meet back here tomorrow morning, remember to bring your cuppa with.

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