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Coffee Bean – Give it to God

An espresso minute – Give it to God

“Put God in charge of your work, then what you’ve planned will take place. (Proverbs 16:3 MSG)

I feel convicted and set back every time I experience failure or flaw in my marriage / parenting / friendships. Especially when I have invested keen effort and sincere intent into the relationship and activities.

We should all take a moment to REST in God. We CANNOT do this (our lives / work / marriages / children) of our own accord or strength. No matter how noble our intent. We should rather:

  • Commit to God first and foremost. He ought to be our first and deepest love!
  • Hand over every day and all it’s activities to God. We want to be able to handle it all, but we need to find release and strength in His ability and His plan.
  • Pray for my marriage! And leave it in God’s hands.
  • Pray for my child(ren) and trust in God’s instruction and care.
  • Pray for my friendships and other relationships and commit all my efforts and ideas to Him.
  • It is only with Him that I will find success for whatever I attempt. How great is our God ladies?

    Thanks for joining me for a quick-fix!

    About Coffee Cup Wife

    I am in love and I LOVE being in love. I am desperately in love with Jesus and He has blessed me with an opportunity to love, marry and surrender to my SAMM (South African Manly Man). My heart is committed to a marriage that is rooted in Christ, that honours both God and my husband and inspires our daughter. I want to encourage my friends (old and new) as we connect and invest in our marriages. My request? Make yourself a cuppa of your favourite, sit down and explore with me. Let’s challenge and inspire each other as we talk with each other & God.

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